One propitious evening, my ad school teammates and I prepared ourselves to stay up all night to shoot and live-stream the longest-lasting commercial for the longest-lasting battery. 

It started with a singular idea: let's put Duracells in one of those creepy cymbal-clanging monkeys and lock it in a room with a camera on it. Let's show people how long Duracells really last.

After a crate of Duracell AA's, energy drinks, Tyvek suits, and yellow rubber kitchen gloves, we finally accomplished our dream — the longest-lasting commercial, powered by Duracell.


Let me know if you'd like me to send you the entire 13.27 hour commercial. It's a big file.

Here are the promo spots for the live stream and microsite with some outtakes. 




Mike Muench (AD)

Matt Detiveaux (Co-CW), Joey Henson (Co-CW)