FITBIT: Social Push for Blaze Wearable

Fitbit needed a way to get people excited about their new Blaze wearable: the first Fitbit to deliver on-screen workouts.

Fitbit bought this concept after we shot a slew of them around the office. It was the first campaign I ever sold through. Unfortunately, there was a snag in production, so they only exist on Vimeo today. 

Press Play to see the work(out).

Instagram post copy, from left to right:

Kids are free weights. #FitIn5              

📦 ⬆️ ⬇️ 🔃 #FitIn5            

Coffee break crunchies. #FitIn5


Shot with an iPhone and Boomerang for Instagram.



Matt Ashworth (ECD)

Beau Hanson (CD)

Britton Rice (Co-CW), Sarah Hart (AD), Jiangzi Tan (AD)