"Drop A Titan On It" Gif-Making Microsite

The crux of Playstation's Titanfall 2 is calling down a Titan to help you in battle. A Titan is basically a giant metal kangaroo with big guns and special weapons. As the game's pilot, you get to ride in this 20-foot kangaroo's pouch and destroy everything in its path.

The Drop A Titan microsite lets you annihilate things that annoy you outside the game, too, be it puppy photos, happy couples, even gratuitous latte pics. I used my face as such a target. 


Responsive Microsite:


A GIF, made with the Microsite:

Click HERE to Drop A Titan


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Fun from the Pitch:

I had fun writing these dark comic book covers for the Titanfall 2 pitch.



Matt Kelsen (ACD), Zack Fagin (ACD)

Kyle Tellier (Design)

Katie Meza (Design)